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Contactless Car Wash Services in MD, DC, VA, PA, SC, & TX.

Dirty car? Don’t drive to the car wash—schedule a mobile residential car wash instead! Our eco-friendly, waterless car wash services come to you. No more long lines. No more wasted water. No more overpaying for mediocre results. Just fast, convenient services, and a guaranteed clean.

Learn more about SpotWash, a residential car wash service available in MD, DC, VA, PA, SC, & TX. Then, download our app for iOS or Android to get started.


SpotWash is an app-based car wash and interior car cleaning service. We partner with local apartment, condo, and commercial buildings to make it fast and easy to clean your car.

  • Download the SpotWash app. Create your profile in about one minute.
  • Select your service location, which can be your home, apartment building, or parking garage, or a parking lot outside a commercial building.
  • Set the date and time, and select what service you want.
  • For interior cleaning or overnight services, leave your keys in a designated SpotWash key locker or lockbox. Rest assured that we won’t move or drive your vehicle.
  • Skilled car wash technicians clean your car, leaving you with a spotless, fresh-smelling vehicle for your morning or evening commute.

Our Pricing Options

With SpotWash, you get the hand wash and wax service without the detail concierge price. Whether it’s your everyday commuter or your weekend hotrod, our incredible prices are always flat-rate and fair.


Exterior Car Washing

Schedule a one-time visit starting from $49, or sign up for a SpotWash subscription starting from $90 per month. Our exterior car washing services include:

  • Hand-washed exterior
  • Bug and bird dropping removal
  • Wheel and tire shine
  • Exterior window and side mirror cleaning
  • Carnauba wax

Interior Add-On Car Cleaning

If an exterior wash isn’t enough, leave us your keys, and we’ll clean the inside as well! A-la-carte interior cleaning begins at $34. Here’s what’s included:

  • Wipe down of ALL surfaces
  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Window, mirror, and touch screen cleaning
  • Leather conditioning
  • Vent dusting

Learn more about SpotWash, a contactless car wash service available in Baltimore, Chevy Chase and the surrounding Virginia and Washington, DC areas. Download our app for iOS or Android to get started.


Our Car Wash Services in MD, DC, VA, PA, SC, & TX.

We can wash your car any time, day or night. With 24-hour services, you can even schedule an overnight car wash and wake up to a clean car! Our service locations include:

  • Single-family homes: Don’t want to meet your car wash concierge? Interested in interior cleaning overnight? Place your key in the provided lockbox outside your home, and your car wash concierge will take care of the rest.
  • Apartment buildings: Is your apartment building partnered with SpotWash? If so, you can leave your keys in the designated SpotWash key locker overnight and pick them up in the morning when you leave for work.
  • Parking garages: Want your car looking spotless by morning? Request your wash by 6 p.m., have your vehicle in the garage by 9 p.m., and when you wake up the next morning, your car is spotless!
  • Commercial buildings: Prefer to have your car washed while you’re at work? Request a date, time, and location, and leave your keys with the concierge of your SpotWash-partnered building. When the workday ends, your car will be shiny and clean for your evening commute.

Mobile Residential Car Wash in MD, DC, VA, PA, SC, & TX.

SpotWash is entirely app-based for your convenience. Once you set up your profile, it takes less than 10 seconds to request service. We can work overnight while you sleep or during the day while you’re at work—it’s up to you! Our residential car wash services are more thorough and eco-friendly than automatic car washes, yet more affordable than traditional concierge detailing.

Download the SpotWash app today, and get your car washed on your schedule with just the push of a button in Washington, DC, Baltimore, Maryland, or in Northern Virginia! Download our app for iOS or Android.

Why Choose Us for Car Wash Services in MD, DC, VA, PA, SC, & TX?

SpotWash is transforming the way people clean their vehicles. Simply download the app, create a profile, and request services in just 10 seconds every time! We come to you, so there’s no inconvenient trip to the car wash or waiting in a long line. Plus, our eco-friendly waterless cleaning method saves over 100 gallons of water per wash.

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