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MD, DC, VA, PA, SC, & TX Car Wash Services for Commercial Buildings

No one enjoys waiting in a long line at the car wash only to end up with mediocre results. At the same time, you may not have an hour to spare to clean the inside and outside of your car thoroughly yourself.

If you wish someone would clean your car for you while you’re at work, then SpotWash is here to help! SpotWash is an app-based commercial car wash service that is revolutionizing the way people wash their cars. Our innovative approach lets you skip the hassle, wasted water, and mediocre results of an automatic car wash in favor of convenience, eco-friendly service, and a spotlessly clean car.

Learn more about our commercial building car wash services in MD, DC, VA, PA, SC, & TX. Then, download our app for iOS or Android to get started.

1. Download the SpotWash app.

2. Find your building.

3. Select your date, time and service.

4. Drop your key off in the SpotWash locker.

5. Arrive to your clean car!

Does your office have a covered and attached parking garage?

If so, you can have SpotWash clean your car while you work during the day! The process is simple:

  • Download the app
  • Create your profile
  • Select your service location
  • Select the date, time, and service you want
  • A skilled car wash technician will clean your car!

If you’re ready to request your next car wash in 10 seconds flat, download the SpotWash app and create your free profile today.

Is your building a SpotWash partner?

Even better! A partnership allows you to drop off your keys with a building concierge for interior car cleaning services. We can also install designated key lockers in our partnered buildings to prevent conflicting schedules. Rest assured that we won’t move or drive your vehicle—we just need the keys to get inside.

Do you wish your office building was a SpotWash partner?

Reach out to us at, and let us know your building and property manager’s name. We partner with commercial buildings in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. Our goal is to make the customer experience as enjoyable as possible.

Schedule a commercial car wash at your office building today!

SpotWash is passionate about providing safe, affordable, and eco-friendly car washes and interior car cleaning services. We’ll come to you—whether at your workplace, parking garage, apartment building, or single-family home. Our 24-hour services allow you to schedule car washes on your own schedule, not someone else’s.

Get ready to schedule your first car wash—or subscribe to monthly services—download the SpotWash app today!

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