Contactless Car Wash

At SpotWash, we pride ourselves on Inventing the Contactless Car Wash before “contactless” was a thing, but it’s more important now than ever.

How does Contactless

Car Washing Work?

1. You Book your Car Wash through our App

2. You place your keys in the provided SpotWash Key Lockbox we give you.

  • For Partnered Parking Garages and Apartments, there is a key locker
  • For SpotWash at your Home or Work, We ship you a key lockbox for a $15 refundable deposit. Send us the code after you set it via the app or text message.

3. For an exterior wash, you do nothing with your keys. For an interior cleaning, place them in the provided key lockbox.

4. Our Employee (no contracting out, it’s all us) comes to your location and does all the dirty work.

5. You do not meet our employee and we do not move or drive your car. We put your keys back in the lockbox when we’re done if we do the interior. That’s it!

Schedule your overnight or daytime contactless car wash for today by downloading our app!

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