Donate a Service

Donate a Car Wash for a real front line healthcare worker.

Simply buy an Exterior and/or Interior for a healthcare worker and we will provide it to one of the Registered Health Care Workers in our SpotWash System. This is a 1:1 ratio and you are not simply donating to a large fund that gets funded in a budget allocation, but rather to a real person, verified by SpotWash, on the frontlines for all of us. 

For Donors

How Do I Donate?

1. Download and Open the SpotWash app.

2. Find the Portal That Says “Donate a Service”

3. Pick any date and any time slot, it doesn’t matter, it’s just how our system works. 

4. Put in your vehicle information.

Sorry, but there is no way around this with our system and we’re trying to get help to the HealthCare People asap rather than a 6 week app revision. 

5. Under “where is my vehicle parked” put anything you want. 

6. Complete the booking and that’s it! 

We’re going to take it a step further and notify you that the credit you donated has been used by a healthcare person and the first name of who received it. Hows that for transparency?

For Healthcare Workers:

I’m a HealthCare worker, how do I register and receive a cleaning? 

For Healthcare workers to be Registered, you need to send the following information to

1. Picture of a healthcare issued photo ID

2. Hospital or Organization you work for

3. Job title  (Nurse, Doc, Firefighter, Police, ect)

4. Provide a 1-2 sentence pre-thank you note that we can send to the person that donated the wash once complete. We will only provide the First name and last initial of your name in the thank you to the person that purchased your wash info and absolutely no other information such as title or place of work to protect your privacy. You will not be connected directly to the donor to respect their privacy as well.

Note: Once a healthcare worker is registered, they will receive an exterior and/or interior when someone donates a wash and priority is given to those that haven’t received one yet prior to someone getting a second car cleaning. 

You will be emailed a promo code when a cleaning credit has been issued to you and you will be able to schedule it anytime within the following week. If you do not use it within a week, it will be reassigned to the next healthcare worker in the queue to make sure the donors are getting something for their donation.

Thank you for everything you do!

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