How it Works

Carwashing Services in MD, DC, VA, PA, SC, & TX.

1. Download the SpotWash app.

2. Enter your address.

3. Select your date, time and service.

4. Drop your key off in the SpotWash locker.

5. Arrive to your clean car!


SpotWash is an app-based car wash and interior car cleaning service. We partner with homeowners, as well as local apartment, condo, and commercial buildings to make it fast and easy to clean your car.

  • Download the SpotWash app. Create your profile in about one minute.
  • Select your service location, which can be your home, apartment building, or parking garage, or a parking lot outside a commercial building.
  • Set the date and time, and select what service you want.
  • For interior cleaning or overnight services, leave your keys in a designated SpotWash key locker or lockbox. Rest assured that we won’t move or drive your vehicle.
  • Skilled car wash technicians clean your car, leaving you with a spotless, fresh-smelling vehicle for your morning or evening commute.

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