Managing Expectations

Let’s set the Expectation: What SpotWash is and What SpotWash isn’t.

SpotWash is all about transparency. We want to make sure you know what to expect
from your car wash and cleaning. We purposely avoid the word “detail.” When we
think “detail,” we think shampooing carpets, stain removal, and basically restoring
your car to factory new…That usually and should be priced at $150 – $250
minimum and at least a half day of work. That’s too much for most and certainly too
much to keep your car clean when you need it.

At SpotWash, you are getting a hand car wash and interior cleaning for a great price.
Your car is going to be clean, really clean! We do not cut corners on our supplies as
they all are manufactured right here in the United States from one of the legitimate
top car care companies in the world. We keep our costs down by not having costly
fleet equipment used by detailers that charge $150+ and we pass 100% of those
savings onto you so your car can look great and you can feel great in your clean car.

What SpotWash Does:

Exterior – Hand Wash of all surfaces, Approximately 45 minutes to 1-hour time

  • Wash with Wax all painted body panels
  • Bug removal
  • Clean All Windows
  • Rim Cleaning
  • Tail pipe Cleaning
  • Tire Cleaning with Natural Shine
  • Mirrors
  • Bird droppings removal


Interior – We clean literally every surface, Approximately 45 minutes to 1-hour time


  • Thorough Vacuuming of carpets and under carpets
  • Floor Mats
  • Dash
  • Cup Holders
  • Doors and door containers
  • Center Console
  • All vinyl and leather surfaces
  • Touch Screens
  • All Mirrors
  • Leather Seats –Cleaning and conditioning
  • Cloth Seats – Vacuum
  • All Interior Windows (ammonia free for tint)
  • Trunk (as long as its clear or mostly clear)
  • Painted Door Jams
  • Vent Dusting

What SpotWash Doesn’t Do:


  • Sap removal. We’ll try but no guarantees.
  • Tar removal. We’ll try but no guarantees.
  • Street Paint removal
  • Gum removal. We’ll try, but no guarantees.
  • Rim repair
  • Baked on Brake Dust and other mineral removal on rim and tailpipes. Note: Normal Brake dust and exhaust does come off with our rim and tailpipe cleaning, but for rims and tailpipes that are not cleaned for months or longer can have the brake dust baked into the metal, which is extremely difficult to remove and would require a full detail.




  • Shampoo Carpets
  • Stain Removal
  • Gum Removal
  • Restore rubber floor mats to factory new
  • Move a bunch of items around in the trunk to clean under it – it needs to be clear or mostly clear

Missed Appointments $15:

  • Failure to show for an appointment
  • Fail to leave the car keys for the technician with an interior cleaning scheduled
  • Failure of customer to park car where customer stated they parked it

Managing Expectations

No fine print, here are the details

    • Heavy Pet Fur: We will try and remove all the pet fur that we can. Sometimes there is so much that we can’t get it all in 1 cleaning. We spend over an hour on the interior for heavy jobs and our team wants you happy, but sometimes it takes a few times.
    • Embedded Grime into Rubber Floor Mats: Floor mats are the dirtiest part of a car. If left untreated for a long period of time, the dirt becomes embedded into the mats. We will clean and treat them, but sometimes the dirt, especially in-between fine lines is in there, probably forever. We still make it clean and much better looking.
    • Long-Term Untreated Cup Holders and Other Built-In Containers: Our experience has derived that the most utilized part of the car (other than the steering wheel) is the cup holder. They are used for drinks, coins, gum, trash
      – it’s a super convenient spot. That being said, its where everything settles and bakes for a long time, making it super difficult to bring back to factory new. If your cup holder is not that dirty, we’ll bring it right back but if it has “gunk” embedded into it, it may require an expensive full detail if that’s your goal.
    • Very Dirty Truck Jams: This is the area that is the “door jam version” of the trunk… i.e. when you open your truck, the area between the rubber for your trunk and the outside of the car that you can only see with your trunk open. This area is often saturated with dried dirt, pollen, leaves, and grime. We do clean this area, but it is often hard to get it up to par in 1 cleaning. Grime builds up along this area usually for years on end and doesn’t wipe away quickly. If you want it factory-new, we suggest a detail. Otherwise, it will get better with every cleaning.
    • Realistic Vacuuming: We spend a lot of time vacuuming every carpeted and cloth part of the car. It will look very clean, but we will not get every speck of sand and dirt removed from the carpet. That being said, it should look great to you and if it doesn’t, we will touch it up, free of charge.

    In Summary

    Think of SpotWash as the bi-weekly and monthly cleaning of your car as you would keep your home or work clean as much as your time allows. Think of a super expensive Detail as a “Once a Year Spring Cleaning” as you would do with your house once a year, at most.

    Our Niche is that you can have SpotWash clean your car and keep it clean in under 10 seconds every time which is awesome because its incredibly affordable and you don’t have to do it. We are priced to enable people to have a very clean car when it’s
    normally a huge hassle and our average full cleaning is 1.5-2 hours, saving you all that time.

    This “Managing Expectations” Section is not fine print; we stand behind our work, which is why we have our Touch Up Guarantee. Ever heard of a mobile car wash with a warranty? You have now.

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