Mobile Car Wash in Charleston, SC

No one likes driving around in a dirty car. Whether you need a quick exterior wash or a full interior and exterior cleaning, SpotWash has you covered. We have reinvented the car wash by bringing our services straight to you! No more long lines. No more wasted water. No more overpaying for mediocre results. Just fast, convenient services and a guaranteed clean.

If this sounds good to you, read on to learn more about SpotWash.Then, download our app for iOS or Android to schedule your first car wash with us in Charleston, SC.

How it Works

SpotWash is an app-based car wash and interior car cleaning service. We make it fast and easy to clean your car. Here’s how it works:

  • Download the SpotWash app.Create your profile in 60 seconds flat.
  • Select your service location, which can be your home, apartment building, parking garage, or workplace.
  • Schedule a date and time for your wash and choose what services you want.
  • If you request interior cleaning or overnight services, leave your keys with us. Don’t worry—we won’t move or drive your vehicle.
  • One of our employees (no contractors—it’s all us) skillfully cleans your car.Enjoy driving around Charleston in your spotless, fresh-smelling vehicle.

Our Pricing Options

Want the hand wash and wax service without the concierge price? That’s what you get with SpotWash! From your everyday commuter to your weekend hotrod, you can always ride around in style with our fair, flat-rate prices.

Exterior Car Washing

One-time visits start from $22.50. You can also sign up for a SpotWash subscription starting from $39.99 per month. Our exterior car washes in Charleston take 45 to 60 minutes to complete and include the following:

  • Hand-washed exterior
  • Bug and bird dropping removal
  • Wheel and tire shine
  • Exterior window and side mirror cleaning
  • Carnauba wax

Interior Add-On Car Cleaning

Want the inside of your car cleaned as well? No problem—simply leave us your keys, and we’ll deliver a spotless interior. Ouralacarte option starts from $22.50. You can also add interior services to your monthly subscription, starting from $18. Here’s what a 45- to 60-minute interior cleaning includes:

  • Wipe down of ALL surfaces
  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Window, mirror, and touch screen cleaning
  • Leather conditioning
  • Vent dusting
  • Trunk cleaning (if mostly free of contents)!

Download the SpotWash app today for a car wash when and where you want it.


Our Mobile Car Wash Services in Charleston, SC

SpotWash offers a new way to clean your car. Say goodbye to long lines at the car wash or wasting a whole afternoon washing your car by hand. It takes less than 10 seconds to request servicesthrough our app, and with technicians available 24hours a day, you can schedule the cleaning when it works best for you. Our service areas include:

Why Choose Us for Car Wash Service in Charleston, SC?

SpotWashwas designed to be the most convenient car wash option in Charleston. Plus, our waterless, hands-on approach means we conserve water and deliver better results than a traditional car wash.

Ever heard of a car wash with a guarantee? You have now. Our Touch Up Guarantee ensures that if we missed a spot, we’ll come back and touch it up—free of charge—on the next wash night.

Join the SpotWashrevolution—download the app for iOS or Androidtoday!

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